Philip Mulvey discusses Soil Security and Climate Change

September 11, 2023 1:20 PM

Curtin Radio with Jenny Seaton

Phil had a chat to Jenny Seaton on Curtin Radio about his latest publication, Groundbreaking: Soil Security and Climate Change.

Discussion points:

– Climate change, its human causes, and the role of greenhouse gases

– Why addressing CO2 levels alone may not reverse climate change

– The significance of managing solar energy through vegetation coverage of the land.

– How current farming practices, while essential for feeding populations, can contribute to climate change and other environmental issues.

– How regenerative agriculture, which focuses on increasing organic carbon in the soil, enhances evapotranspiration and local turbulence, contributing to the small water cycle.

– How the small water cycle contributes to localised rainfall

– Why restoring the small water cycle in Australia is particularly important

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